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Residence permit and VISA for non UE students

To get general informations, go to (le SeVE).

First Application for a Student Residence Card, click here




Mathilde Modaine (Exchange program assistance)
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Exchange programmes

You are a student in one of Lille 2’s partner universities and you wish to study here through an exchange programme:


IMPORTANT:  Depending on their country of origin, some students who have been accepted by Lille 2 must apply for a visa using the CEF (“Centre pour les Etudes en France”) procedure.  This procedure, managed by the CampusFrance agency, provides support and advice for every step until the visa application.  The CampusFrance website also allows students to follow the progress of their own electronic application.

Visit the CampusFrance website to see if your country takes part in this procedure.

Resources for daily life in Lille (including housing and French courses)

Student Services (only for students on an exchange program)

Foreign Student's Guide (for all international students)