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Welcome to the north, discover the charm of this city and enjoy your stay!


The Immersion Days in the Student Life (JIVE) offer activities related to student life and meetings in different faculties to better guide students and allow them to discover the services available to them: personalized advice on housing grants student social security, health, international mobility, transport...

The University of Lille takes action with its partners to strengthen the reception and support of his students during his JIVE. Each student will participate in the University proposed activities: Rally discovery of Lille University of sites and the agglomeration of artistic workshops, gaming tournaments, sports, concerts and theater outdoors!


International Student Week


The University of Lille organizes each year the “International Student Week” with a program of lectures, games, shows and tastings organized on each campus (Lille 1, Lille 2 and Lille 3).

The “International Student Week” aims to promote international student mobility. It is a time of exchange and discovery of many countries of the world around student testimonials, presentations of international academic programs offered to students, cultural meetings or gourmet tastings.

This week is educational, cultural and festive and should allow international students to the city to meet the locals. This is a great opportunity to exchange around the North gastronomy, to practice foreign languages ​​and discover other cultures.