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International Associations:

They help international students during their séjour


Amicale des Etudiants en Pharmacie de Lille

 You can also find another Students Association ESN (Erasmus Student Network) in Lille, that helps international students in the region: http://lille.ixesn.fr

 To get more information, click here: guide de l'initiative étudiante


Students Associations

There are about a hundred student associations at the university. Their activities are varied and are about:

  • The organisation of sports and cultural events
  • Conducting humanitarian projects
  • The publication of newspapers
  • Sports associations
  • Alumni associations etc.

You will find many student associations in the different departments.

Central Services associations 

Institute of Political Studies

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences

Faculty of Dental Surgery


Faculty of Medicine

IUT « C » of Roubaix

Department STID

Department CJ

  • Association des élèves et des anciens élèves de l’IUT CJ
  • Bureau des Sports

Department TC

Faculty of Sports Sciences and Physical Education

Institute of Retail Management and Marketing

  • Bureau Des Elèves (BDE)
  • Raid MD


For more information, check The student initiative guide.